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Disappearing Warranty

The Disappearing Screen door is guaranteed to be free from defective materials and workmanship upon installation. There is also a 2 year warranty on general operation of the door under "normal use."

"Normal Use" does not include mis-handling the door or accidentally walking through a closed screen. Any pet damage or damage caused by children pushing or pulling on the screening is not considered "normal use" and is therefore not included in the warranty.

The screening mesh is by nature somewhat fragile, as it must be thin enough to let air and light pass through. We guarantee that the mesh will not of its own accord pull away from the frame. We do not guarantee, however, that it can stand the test of destructive actions such as cutting by sharp objects, shredding by pets, or walking through a closed screen door.

Wrinkles are not covered under the warranty. Mesh wrinkles (where the mesh folds over itself) occur ONLY when the fabric is walked through or improperly pushed away or pulled on and is then retracted into the canister. This "irons" in a semi-permanent crease. Sometimes, if caught early enough, the homeowner can repair their own wrinkle by heating the crease using a hair dryer.

The Disappearing Door is a good product, but may need repair work on occasion for situations involving active pets, children under the age of 13, high traffic doorways, or people with impaired motor skills. It is designed for use by coordinated adults only.

Any damages not covered under the warranty can be repaired for a fee.

Basic maintenance on the door is to simply keep the bottom track free of dirt and dog or cat hair.

It's our goal at Mobile Screen Service to ensure you are happy with your screens. If a problem does arise, we promise to help resolve the matter as quickly and as reasonably as possible.