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Mobile Screen Service maintains a larger inventory of styles, colors and sizes than any other Southern California
screen service.

While some screen services are limited to what they can carry on their truck, our central warehouse allows us the privilege of stocking the widest variety the industry has to offer.

With us, you can match your existing style and quality or select an upgrade. If you want something inexpensive, we have it. If you want top quality, sturdy materials, we can provide that too. Unlike others, Mobile Screen Service doesn't limit your selection to what happens to be on the truck that day.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a "standard size" window screen. That's where we can help you! We build all our new screens from scratch and carry everything that's available, so we can make the highest quality and best-fitting window screens possible. Unlike other screens out there, you won't find those flimsy plastic corners or plastic pull tabs on our screens. We use metal every time to insure a good, durable screen. If you have a bent, broken, or missing screen, we can make one just like the original or upgrade it to a sturdier one. Prices for new window screens typically range between $39 and $65 per screen, depending on the size, color, type of frame and any special fasteners.

If your frame is still in good condition, we can simply replace the mesh and use your existing frame. Since we do all work in our warehouse, in a controlled environment, we can guarantee the highest quality screenwork available. And we never reuse your existing rubber gasketing. Prices on rescreening usually fall between $29 and $45 per screen based on the size of the screen.

Most people know the frustration of a poor quality patio screen door that scrapes its way open and shut. We can help you say good-bye to that problem. We've built and installed over 22,000 new patio screen doors, more than any other screen shop in California. Each door is cut to fit and professionally installed by the best installers in the business.

If your existing door is in good shape, but the rollers are shot, we can fix that, too. Many times, simply replacing worn plastic wheels with steel ball-bearing rollers helps immensely.

If a new door is needed, we offer many different frame types that range in quality and price. They can all be made to fit any size opening and can be built with any frame color. Prices for these typically range between $239 and $399. Prices vary with size and style of the screen door needed.

Call and ask us to stop by and show you our choices!

The most recent innovation in the screen industry is the Disappearing Screen Door. A very cool idea. Frameless and hingeless, these screens are designed to retract and 'disappear' into a special housing when they're not in use. These screen doors work great in front door, garage door, and French door settings. When the typical screen door won't do, this top-of-the-line option is a great choice.

Pricing varies, based on your special application and needs. We've installed over 5,000 of these new doors. Give us a call and ask to see a sample of this new, popular screen solution!

French Screen Doors

When adding screens to your French doors, we know how important it is to create a pleasing and seamless match to your existing French door. That's why we carry the "Purescreen", our most popular screen door in any situation, and our version of a French screen door. If you need to keep the bugs out but don't want to impede your view, this is a great choice. No fancy grille-work of any kind, just a clean and nearly invisible screen door. Awesome!

Front Screen Doors

We stock and install only the best available Front Screen Doors with over 20 styles for you to choose from. We've installed over 7,000 of these and we'd love to put one in for you. With this kind of screen door, a proper installation is the key to a long-lasting and properly functioning door. We take the time to do it right and to create the best possible solution for your bug protection needs.

Garage Screen Doors

This opening takes a little more abuse than the other doors in your house. We have a number of screen doors that are more than up to the task of repeated use and lots of heavy duty traffic. Again, proper installation is the key and we do all the little things that add up to a lot. We weatherstrip for a proper seal, we can add extra hinges, and install specialized closers.

Prices for most installed single swinging screen doors typically range from $449 to $599.

Let's face it, if it weren't for pets we might not be in business. Having said that, we do our best to help you eliminate the future possibility of pet-damaged screens. We want your screens to last as long as possible, so if you need it, we can install sturdier 'pet screen' material, pet grilles in any color, or pet doors into patio screen doors or swinging screen doors.

Nobody carries more screen options than Mobile Screen Service - we're here to help you solve your problems!

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